The Bipadtarini Chandibari in Rajpur(West Bengal) holds a top position as one of the most holy temples of India.

Maa Bipadtarini Chandibari, Rajpur, South 24 Parganas

Gurudev [Baba Dulal] saw a new avatar of Bipadtarini Ma not in his dreams but with open eyes in disguise of a beautiful teen_aged girl and then he started Bipadtarini Brata in a new manner. He always told the devotees to Worship Ma Bipadtraini as Ma and not as any goddess. Whenever you are in trouble just utter these words "Jay Ma Bipadtarini Chandir Jay" 3 times and Ma will protect you from that trouble.

Bipodtarini puja includes many rituals like the fasting observed by majority of women on the day of the puja. The tying of the red colored taga on the wrist is also one of the significant customs. The taga is a kind of thread considered to be made sacred through the various rituals on the event of the puja.

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