About Bipattarini Chandibari

We are a Hindu that belives in Lord Rama and Vishnu Deva the followers and We are a Hindu that belives in Lord Rama and Vishnu Deva.

Baba Dulal saw Bipattarini Chandi Mata not in his dreams but with open eyes in disguise of a beautiful teen_aged girl and then he started Bipattarini Chandi Brata (worship) in a new manner. He always told the devotees to Worship Ma Bipattarini Chandi as Ma and not as any Goddess. The saint Baba Dulal meditate under Aegle marmelos ( bel gach-bilwo briksha) tree for consecutive 3 days. On the 3rd day during dusk Baba Dulal saw the full grace of Ma Bipattarini Chandi. 

The Aegle marmelos tree is situated at Rajpur Bipattarini Chandi Bari, Hence after this incident Baba Dulal started residing there along with his wife and followers. He preached that when one is in trouble just utter these words “Jay Ma Bipattarini Chandir Jay”3 times and Maa will protect from that trouble.
Every Year the annual festival takes place in the month of Ashar (June -July) according to the Bengali calendar.
Bipattarini Chandi Brata(worship) is dedicated to Goddess Bipattarini Chandi. The Brata-Utsav is observed on Tuesday in the month of Ashar after Rath Yatra and before Ulto Rath.

  • The Devotees gets the blessings of Goddess Bipattarini Chandi and will be able to protect the family from all types of danger.
  • On the previous day of Bipattarini Chandi Brata(worship), the person only opts for vegetarian food.
  • On the auspicious puja, the person breaking the fast with fruits & sweets.
  • Thirteen different types of fruits are offered to the Goddess - 12 fruits for 12 months of a year & 1 fruit for the worshipper who are performing the rituals.
  • Red colour thread with 13 knots are tied on the hand of the person who is fasting. For both women and men it is tied on the right hand.

The Temple has the idol of different Avatar of God & Goddess, the Aegle marmelos tree is bounded around and visitor are restricted to enter  beyond the boundaries. At visiting Chandi-bari, one can visit Spiritual Master Baba Dulal and his wife meditation room with all their belongings. The place is very peaceful and devotional significance.

The Arati, is again an inspiration to the spiritual eternity. It starts at 5 after Shiva-ratri upto Kali puja & then 4-30 in the evening, with the sound of dhak (instrument played )giving goose bumps, the Purohit (priest) starts with the bani (preaching) of Maa Bipattarini followed by the Shandhay Arati .This divine grace of Shandya Arati enchanted the spiritual devotees. The Rajpur Bipattarini Chandi Bari in West Bengal is considered the top most sacred place in India.

Visiting the Bipattarini Chandi Bari would be a totally unique experience. I feel each time I visit here, there is a new story that unwinds. Goddess here is a true symbol of Shakti, visit and experience the power in real sense.