Online Donation / Pranami

Please follow the steps below. Click here for online donations:

Please visit SBI Secure Portal to send your kind donation / pranami online to BIPATTARINI CHANDIBARI, RAJPUR.

1. Steps 1: Please check the box I have read and accepted the terms and conditions stated above. Then Click Proceed Button.

2. Steps 2: Please Select State of Corporate / Institution * as West Bengal from Dropdown, Type of Corporate / Institution * as Religious Institutions and then press the o button. 

3. Steps 3: Select Religious Institutions Name * as BIPAD TARINI CHANDI DEBI THAKURANI from the dropdown and Submit.

4. Steps 4: Select Select Payment Category * as DONATION from the dropdown.

5. Steps 5: Fill up the required fields then press the submit button.

6. Steps 6: Make a donation as per your desired payment options.